Allegro Analog IC's with Locking RCA's from $175

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Avanti Audio Allegro Analog IC's with Locking RCA's

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Avanti Audio Allegro Interconnects, Power and Speaker Cables
reference level performance at a non-reference level price

Avanti Audio - Allegro Analog IC's with ViaBlue RCA's
Avanti Audio - Allegro Analog Balanced XLR IC's

 Allegro Analog IC's with ViaBlue RCA's from $190

Allegro Power Cables from $200 

Allegro Digital AES/EBU cables from $110

Avanti Audio - Allegro Speaker Cables
Avanti Audio - Allegro Digital AES/EBU cables
Avanti Audio - Allegro Power Cables

Allegro Phono DIN to RCA cable sets from $240

Allegro Analog Balanced XLR IC's from $190

Avanti Audio - Allegro Phono DIN to RCA cable sets

Avanti Audio Allegro Reference Interconnects, Power and Speaker Cables

Avanti Audio - Allegro Digital SPDIF cables

We're proud to offer our Allegro series of Avanti Audio interconnect cables and speaker cables which provide home audio enthusiasts reference level performance in audio cables at a non-reference level price.  Standard lengths, configurations and connector options can be found on our various products pages.  If you don't see a configuration or size you prefer or if you require a different connector brand like WBT or Furutech  please contact us for pricing and availability as we usually have a few different termination options in stock.

Avanti Audio Cables - high performance, affordable audio interconnects and speaker cables proudly built in the USA!

The Allegro Reference Line:
The next generation of audio cables from Avanti Audio named Allegro brings the listener a whole new level of performance by utilizing a wide bandwidth, ultra-fine stranded OFC copper conductor cable design for our Reference Level interconnects and speaker cables.  The Allegro series of power cables are built using an extremely well shielded & UL Rated, fine strand silver-plated OFC cable and are offered in either 9 or 11 gauge sizes.  Terminations for these Reference Level power cables are Wattgate 5266i & 320i and Furutech FI-11N1(G) and FI-28(G) Edison and IEC connectors and represent a range of choices for superb quality and value for the audiophile.  

Allegro cables are extremely well shielded to keep RFI and other unwanted noise/disturbances out of the signal chain.  The resulting sound is even-handed and transparent with effortless extension throughout the frequency spectrum. They are neutral without being over analytical, detailed without being bright.  

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Allegro Digital SPDIF cables from $110