Avanti - an Italian word meaning forward. 

It's no surprise that our movement as audio enthusiasts is generally always in that direction....forward. Forward toward synergies, forward regarding equipment quality and forward in finding affordable solutions. Without forward, what is there for audiophlies?

Within the search for musical reproduction excellence, audio enthusiasts eventually find a need to upgrade their audio cables in order to realize the top performance level of their gear investments.  Whether analog or digital interconnect cables, high end speaker cables or audio grade power cables, our line of Allegro Audio Cables have helped many audiophiles worldwide accomplish just that! Visit our reviews page to read more.


Avanti Audio Allegro Analog Interconnects with ViaBlue RCA Connectorse

Avanti Audio Interconnect Cables

Avanti Audio Cables

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Avanti Audio is proud to offer our Allegro series of audio interconnects and speaker cables which provide near-reference level performance at a non-reference level price.  To see a summary of our audio cables and connectors in standard lengths and configurations please visit our Products  page.  If you don't see a configuration or size you prefer or if you require a different connector brand or size/type, please contact us for pricing and availability.

The Allegro cables will take the listener to another level
in accuracy, resolution and musical performance.  What do our Allegro interconnects & speaker cables sound like?...in a word, exceptional. Allegro interconnects and speaker cables are even-handed and transparent with effortless extension throughout the frequency spectrum. They are neutral without being over analytical, detailed without being bright.

Avanti Audio Cables - high performance, affordable audio interconnects and speaker cables proudly built in the USA!

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