Morning Mike!!

I've been playing around with them as well...hooked them up to the cd player...very nice full sounding cable...very nice...and smooth I might add...I was impressed with that attribute...Diana Krall always has such bad sibilance on her albums, the newer ones more so, and they had the ability to naturally tone that down making the cd's more personable sounding...I think Krall sounds a bit more intimate with the Canare.  All in all, great!!


Mike -

Making cables was the next thing on my short to-do list for my stereo, and you've made the list shorter, for a great price. Again, the cables look and feel very high quality, and it's nice to know that they're made from very good stuff.

Honestly, if I had paid the same price to a random website and received your cables I would've wondered what was up. They look way too good for the price.

Thanks again,


I have to chime in here and say that I am very impressed with the quality of the IC's I received from Mike!!! I don't think one could do better at twice the price.

Thanks Mike!!!!!!


Shipping was FAST, Mike communicated very well, and the cables look great! High quality, with Neutrik made ends, and Canare leads. Very high-end look, very nicely done. I'll update with a listening impression when I get a chance to install them. They'll be replacing 15yr-old Esoteric Audio 500-series cables - the best EA offered at the time. 


I wanted to post this while I am still in a state of suprised shock.

I knew I could do better on cables, even though some of what I was using was, I thought, pretty good. I was listening to some well recorded sade-esque R&B while watching the kids dance around, and noticed that things were different. I had replaced my old cables with the new ones (from my DVD to the preamp, and from the preamp to the amp) earlier, and wasn't thinking much about it.

After the kids left the room I went to a clean drum track, switched to 'direct', and listened carefully. Whoa. I hadn't expected to hear such a noticeable difference. It's not so dramatic as a blanket being pulled away from between me and the speakers, and still less dramatic than even a sheet being pulled away, but the difference is very suprising. It's very nice.

In went Mercury from The Planets, and yes, it's better than before. A little more real.

I don't know what else to say. I'm suprised by what I've found. I honestly didn't expect such a noticable change. I had even decided against sitting down and trying to hear an improvement, because, really, wouldn't my imagination provide most of the change? I'm a little shocked.

Nice cables, Mike. 


I would like to echo Sam's remarks, stellar quality with fastest shipping I ever had!


Hey Mike
I got the cables yesterday.  Hooked one from my pre amp to amp..the other is for my new nad cd player which is on its way.
The sound opened up a bit with the new cables but the biggest improvement was in bass clarity and extension.  Outstanding product for the price.

New Jersey

Hello Mike,

The ICs came in last week. They sound excellent. I plan to do some A/B comparisons this weekend with another set of ICs that I have at home and will report the results to you. I am very happy with my first impressions though. Thanks again for a great product and a very smooth transaction.


Hello Mike, I tested out your ICs against XXXX last night. I am no expert but I thought that your ICs dominated the XXXX with fullness, a smoother top end and, to a slight extent, in resolution as well. Very happy with my purchase!

Hey Mike,
Cables arrived today safe and sound.
First, thanks for the great customer service, help with the TT cable and the quick responses.
Second - What a huge difference your IC made for my Rega Apollo.  Gone are the ear piercing highs that gave me headaches through my headphones, but with no loss of top end.  "Smooth" is a good description of the sound.  So is "pleasant", but not in a boring/milquetoast way.  For the first time in recent memory, I was listening to the music - not the quality of the bass or the tone of the top end.  It just sounded "right".  It was enjoyable to just listen to the song and get carried away.

I  have only listened to the first half of Paul Simon's Graceland on cd, but it is a great test as it has deep bass and high/thin Stratocaster guitar work going on at the same time.  While this disc has been pretty difficult to listen to in the past for me, your IC made it quite enjoyable.
Next I will tackle the TT cable.  
Thanks again,

Avanti Audio
PO Box 9569
Avon, CO  81620

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"These are not just cables for people who don’t want to spend too much money, these are cables for anyone who wants a well-built product that will enhance the sound and enjoyment of their home audio system. Highly recommended." 
- Dave Thomas, Editor The Stereo Times 


Here are some comments and feedback our customers have been nice enough to share with us:

A testament to craftsmanship, quality, value and superb customer service.  When was the last time a vendor reached out to you in any way?  Never.  Do you know your vendor by name?  Mike Chadwell reached out to me within 24 hrs of my order to make sure I knew what I was doing - which of course I didn't and gave me a little tutorial about the banana plugs.  the experience was a delight through and through! 

Marco from Michigan

I contacted Avanti about ordering a custom cable, and they were patient, professional and really helped me identify the best option for my system. Their responsiveness was great. The order was filled and shipped very quickly. The sound, is great! Very full sound and round. I'm more than happy with them!

New York


Thanks for asking, I hadn't replied to you earlier because I had been away for about 2 weeks after receiving the Avanti Cables about 3 weeks ago. So have used it maybe total of 30hrs. This is my first experience with XLR I/Cs (before Avanti arrived was using cheap Opera Consonance pair on loan from friend). In the system, your Avanti Allegro cables discernibly improved the sound over the opera consonance XLR and over a pair of Transparent RCA terminated IC into the ARC Ref 75 using RCA to XLR adapters. ‎Good value for money! Keep up the good work and being such a caring cable maker!

Regards, Robin

Hi Mike.  Happy Holidays.  

Connected the power cords this afternoon and was blown away.  Really great stuff. Effortless detail. Just loving it. Will be back.

p.s. my wife, who admittedly has a refined  ear, noticed the difference immediately. 

New York

Hello Mike,

I am mightily impressed by your cables.
I never thought cables would make that much difference in my system.  I bought interim cables on Amazon.  Until I swapped the generic Amazon cables for the Avanti Allegro IC Y-cables, I had no idea that they would make such a "dramatic" improvement in sound quality.  To be clear, the difference is
between night and day.  No exaggeration!  I basically thought cable marketing was at least 25% hype and 50% snake oil.  I stand corrected.


Thanks for awesome customer service and follow thru after the sale.

Yes, the jumpers came on Thursday, and I am impressed with their build quality and sonic quality. It works better than I had hoped.  I am very impressed with your company, and hope to be able to purchase more of your fine gear should the opportunity arise.

Have a good weekend,


Hey Mike, First off let me say that the personal service you've shown is becoming a lost art.  Great job.  Second, I'm not a cable expert and I don't have any Thousand Dollar cables to compare them to, but they (Allegro Analog XLR IC's) appear to be very well constructed. Ok, now for the best part, I've listened to these cables over 2 plus months now, I've switched between two other sets and these clearly are far superior.  I won't mention the other brands, but they were both similar in price and one also came from a small company.  Using your cables my Bryston 4BST somehow seemed even faster with even more control.  The transients are better and with seemingly limitless punch.  A few CD's that I thought were helpless now have decent imaging and those that were well recorded now have pin point imaging. 

I will be ordering from you again.  Keep up the good work.



I received them this afternoon.  Thanks for shipping them so quickly.  You have done a really excellent job of finishing these cables nicely.  I have them between my new amp and "old," speakers while awaiting my new speakers and am VERY happy with them so far. 


I can confidently say that the next time I want/need a critical connection I will check with you first. I absolutely favor the cables you sent to those costing over $400 from b&m retailers regardless of the cost. Speakers are still in the process of "opening up," but am very happy so far.  I've had the chance to play a couple of lossless music blu rays and am picking up details in the recordings I simply don't on my other system.  There are obviously several variables involved, but I am confident that both the speakers and your cables are very revealing.  Only problem is it makes me want to upgrade my amplifier to maximize them. Your attitude and customer service coupled with the quality to price of your cables leads me to wish you the best.  I may pick up a nice cd player soon and if so I know where my interconnects will be coming from.

Rocky Mountains

Hi Mike,
I connected the Emotiva EPA-2 with your cables ....WOW...they fit snug look great and sound excellent, a waste of time to look anywhere else!
Thank's for your help and great service!


Hi Mike, 

Just received the package.
Right out of the box the Allegro IC's sound fantastic.  I recon they not even cooked yet. I wonder how they gonna sound after some 100-200 hrs. 
As with the regular ones,  haven't tried them yet.  Soon.
Cables look and feel great.  Great job, thank you very much.  Will let you know.

BTW, I'd like to place an order for your beautiful looking (and no doubt, great sounding) Allegro speaker cables. I use bi-wired ,two spades to four bananas.  My power amp is dual-mono Mark Levinson 432 , speakers B&W 800 Diamonds, latest edition.
Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Ontario, Canada

So far, so good. Silent, transparent, with more information/definition.

My Belden-based speaker cables sound like they were pinching off the sound, in comparison.

First thing I noticed was more bass presence ("Gimme Shelter") and top end and mid natural note decay (Nick Drake acoustic). Like any discussion of cables, none of this is mind-blowing, but I sure think I noticed it.

I run a ModWright 9.0 SE tube linestage through a Krell amp.

More listening is needed, but I'm pleased with the upgrade so far.


In addition to looking for the sonic quality in a cable or interconnect, I look for quality of construction, durability, connection security and in general how they feel and manage themselves in an application.  I could not ask for more from a cable or interconnect than what I get from Mike's products.  As an added bonus, Mike is willing to make them in custom lengths which is just one of many examples of his desire to satisfy his audio clients. I use them 100% in my main system and look forward to trying his new power cables in the near future.


"Score an unblemished 10 for Allegro cables' first impression; another 10 for professional endurance and partnership; 
and a third 10 for delivering music that's both beguiling and "just right."
- Jim Merod, Senior Assistant Editor - Positive Feedback


Please check out our Allegro Series Cable Review at The Stereo Times by clicking the logo below.  In addition, we're proud to announce that The Stereo Times has recently chosen our Avanti Audio Allegro cables as a 2013 “Most Wanted Component” !!!   

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